This project was assigned to me by a Professor at Ulster University. The idea was to randomly select a location, explore the area, gain inspiration, and eventually create a project. Over the coming months I would immerse myself within this new and rather strange environment. It was an industrial estate, a place considered to lack any beauty and gain no reason for visitation. One particular theme was to convey beauty within banal environments that are typically deemed unpleasant or unattractive. After further exploration I realised the majority of this estate was surprisingly abandoned. Trees were planted along a main road, intending to add aesthetically pleasing features or to distract from an otherwise dull and harsh environment. Bizarrely, each tree was purposefully vandalised which contradicts any reasoning and these trees became seemingly meaningless, dismally serving no purpose. It was interesting to witness the interaction between nature and man-made structures as, ironically, nature was blossoming and appeared to be retrieving land that was taken. When we think of industrial estates, we think of pollution and destruction, and yet nature was thriving in parts. Small areas displaying the passage of time, resulting in thriving nature due to the lack of human interaction. 

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