"Time is fleeting and we forget about our past, ones experiences are engraved in our subconscious, like trauma. By knowing this, it portrays the notion that what we witness through our eyes isn't always the truth. What others see in us may display more truth than we as individuals think we are displaying. We may reach a point in life when we realise things have changed, we are not as happy as we once were, and we ask ourselves 'why?'. We become stubborn, thinking everyone else is the problem and none of the issues are our own. This should be the moment when you stop and think. Reflect on your past. Is there a pattern? Why does it keep happening? Majority of the time you are portraying a limited version of yourself, acting differently in various occasions because of your core beliefs and experiences. Using the abandonment life-trap, one may display a fake character which is caused by a preconceived judgement on the other due to fear of rejection and separation. It becomes extremely exhausting to exhibit characteristics that are not your own. Before you know it, you're in a predicament. Your common interests are different from your friends, the occupation isn't what you're passionate about, and all those rejected opportunities cannot be regained." - Ryan Allen
My own personal perception of myself was tainted by trauma and past events. Over the years, the personal view of myself is different from reality, and the reality of others. I have witnessed 'flaws', flaws being semi-permanent scars that cannot be erased, however, they can be altered. Yet, I have ignored or refused to believe the truth, creating my own reality. Most of my traumatic characteristics had gone un-noticed, or were difficult to recognise and understand.

I hope to convey something that is recognisable but not fully understood. The work contains freedom of personal expression, inviting the viewer to subjectively experience their own emotions and form individual opinions. 

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